Car park lighting, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Scotia are proving that excellent design can be combined with environmentally friendly technology. The poles produce more energy than required for lighting and therefore fit perfectly into the concept of a no CO2 emission infrastructure.”

Seven years of continuous high yield with no cleaning.

The first seven Scotia WP4 Masts were installed in 2009 in the car park of the Bella Centre Conference Facility in Copenhagen.

They were commissioned by the Danish Government and the United Nations as examples of future zero-emission street lighting - for the occasion of the COP 15 Conference on Climate Change which was held there in December of that year.

The masts have now been in continuous operation since then – they are entering their eighth year- and have throughout that time produced consistently 5% above their initially predicted yield, with no fall-off. This record has been achieved with minimal maintenance and no cleaning in all that time.

Each of these Scotia masts has been generating 240 kwh per year, which means that this small but significant installation of just seven masts has already saved nearly 7 tons of CO2 in its short lifetime.

LOCATION:  Copenhagen, Denmark  55º38’N 12º35E

CLIMATE:  Northern European, Oceanic

CLIENT:  Bella Center


ENGINEER:  Grontmij Carl Bro

MAST TYPE:  MonopoleGrid WP4



8 years of innovation & performance.

  • 2009

    Scotia® install first pilot project for COP15 in Copenhagen and registers Scotia® design and trademark.

  • 2010

    Scotia® moves into first product development phase and installs further pilots in Denmark and the UK.

  • 2011

    The Scotia® Sun Mast is certified by Svensk Provning, and a patent is filed.

  • 2012

    Scotia® present the Sun Mast in Frankfurt Light and Building. New design registered to Scotia®

  • 2013

    Scotia® develops modular Monopole™ system

  • 2014

    Scotia® develop the modular Scotia® Monopole™ Systems and launch at Frankfurt Light and Building.

  • 2015

    Scotia® installs 136 masts in Riyadh. Scotia® purchases solar control systems and IPR from Seneco

  • 2016

    Scotia® launches the new Monopole™ 3.0 and 2 new lightweight masts for plug and play solutions.

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