Scotia Energy Systems

Scotia offer three different core configurations of the Monopole modular system that can be tailored to your specific needs. Your project can be completely independent, or integrated into an existing grid or micro-grid.

Monopole Cell

  • Ideal for where there is no existing power grid
  • Provides energy independence
  • No trenching, no metering, no connection fees
  • Zero emission street lighting

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Monopole Grid

    • Ideal for the conversion of consumption to production, creating carbon credits
    • Generates surplus energy for profit
    • Zero emissions. Zero carbon tax
    • The building block for micro grids

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Monopole Connect

    • Ideal for Smart Energy Management
    • On-board battery acts as buffer to grid
    • Asset owner decides when to store or buy energy
    • Sell at 1 dollar - Buy at 70 cents

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