Key Parameters

For specification

When you have provided us with key information, the Scotia® team will analyse your requirements, conditions and location to specify the best Monopole™ solution for you. We can reduce your project costs when we have understood your lighting needs.

Scotia® systems can be tailored and detailed very accurately to your particular needs.

1 Light Level

We examine your light requirements according to design and regulations.

2 Mast Height and Spacing

We determine requirements according to road conditions and safety factors.

3 Geo-Location

We analyse information on sunlight patterns, climate records and any particular conditions for your specific location.

4 Grid Options

Decisions will be made according to availability or desirability of connection to grid infrastructure.

5 Dimming

We will determine what type of dimming, switching or movement sensor options are suitable for your project.

6 Battery Capacity or Inverter type

According to desired autonomy levels and/or grid feed-in connection we can specify the right battery configuration, inverter and control.

For calculation of return on investment

Scotia® systems bring immediate economic benefits.

Monopole™ Cell Off-Grid

Produces instant payback by avoiding the costs of trenching and laying in the power grid.

Monopole™ Grid On-Grid

Provides light and also generates surplus, reducing CO2, turning carbon taxes into carbon credits.

Monopole™ Connect Hybrid

Micro-manages energy and calculates when to sell to the grid to maximize value as part of a future smart city.

When consulting on your return on investment, we ask questions that we can answer with our products.

1 Are you being taxed on emissions? What is this cost?

Scotia® systems eliminate 100% of emissions and reduce carbon taxes to zero.

2 Are you paying for carbon credits? Does your government offer incentives for CO2 reduction?

Scotia® systems are zero carbon and will help you make savings and achieve targets.

3 What do you pay in connection fees to the power grid?

Scotia® off-grid systems can eliminate these charges, or the surplus generated by Scotia® on-grid systems can turn this to your advantage.

4 What is your energy bill?

Your Scotia® system can reduce your energy costs to zero. Even better, your lighting project can generate profit by selling surplus to the grid.

5 How much do you pay for PLMS and Metering?

Monopole™ Systems are delivered with embedded PLMS, providing Metering and Light Management at no extra cost.

6 What are your costs associated with the laying in of the power grid?

Monopole™ Cell off-grid systems avoid the need for costly trenching and substations.

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