The Monopole product range

Monopole masts are characterised by the vertical integration of PV cells on square profile sleeve modules mounted on masts of varying heights and construction types.

The Monopole 3.0 Range contains two principal mast types:

Modular masts: WP3, WP4 and WP5

Typically specified for high speed roadways and urban/industrial contexts. These masts consist of a 3m steel lower mast, containing battery and control units, and a steel core upper mast supporting a number of PV sleeve modules according to height and required yield. The upper mast steel core can be manufactured locally, saving on logistics costs and boosting local employment.

Lightweight masts: WP1L and WP2L

Can be transported and installed without machinery. Ideal for micro grid contexts, remote sites, difficult terrain or emergency response. These masts consist of a lightweight aluminium structure containing batteries and control units; the base section clad in black composite material; upper sections surrounded by lightweight PV panels.

There are two grades of PV cells available for all masts:

Standard (STD) or High Performance (HP). HP cells can increase yields by 25%.

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