Control and Energy Management

Scotia® Public Lighting Management System

At Scotia® we have designed and developed our own smart control - for the efficient management of our Monopole systems. The PLMS manages:

  • Light output - through switching and dimming profiles
  • Peak power tracking to maximise PV yields
  • An intelligent battery management system
  • Energy exchange with grid - if connected
  • Monitoring and auditing of yield, charge and output
  • Prediction and reporting of faults and anomalies

The capabilities of the PLMS can be extended to many other smart city or micro-grid applications that integrate with Monopole systems. Other applications include:

  • WIFI connectivity
  • Signage
  • Road Management
  • Cameras
  • Charging points for electric vehicles
  • Public transport information
  • Advertising

The control also addresses battery and inverter (for grid connect) and other energy applications as listed. Scotia® engineers will remotely set up all programmes and monitoring.

Remote control platform

Your own energy and performance audit

The Scotia® remote control and monitoring platform has been developed to address the sophisticated capabilities of the PLMS, and to ensure that all components of your Monopole system operate at maximum efficiency.

The platform is accessed either through a powerful cloud-based web-server or through the Scotia® Android App, and can configure, control and monitor all aspects of the performance of a project.

Information is transmitted through high speed 3G/4G technology to the gateway unit of a cluster of masts, and then through an internal Ethernet structure to each modular unit.

Each mast is GPS located so that live and predictive weather data can feed into performance profiles.

Energy transfer into and out of grid-connected and hybrid systems can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Some examples are shown here:

A control engineer can change a dimming profile from their local office via the Cloud-based webserver

With a 3G/4G signal, a local operative responsible for a micro-grid, can check display of battery performance.

A maintenance engineer with a tablet can check for a faulty lamps live on-site via a Bluetooth connection

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