Lamp arms and lampheads

The Scotia® Lamphead, using multi-chip LED technology and advanced optics, offers high output, accurate distribution control and minimum energy wastage. We offer three lamp arm designs in the Scotia® product range: the Standard, the Origami and the Hi-rise.

Scotia® do however operate an open platform for lamp arm and lamphead design, and our systems can accommodate any industry standard products, and we can adapt to existing design schemes or work with you on architectural projects.


x 150mm
y 350mm


x 600mm
y 250mm


x 600mm
y 50mm

Arm length can be extended if required

The Scotia® LED Driver

With our control partners we have developed a powerful and efficient LED driver that is now a component of our Smart Control systems. This represents another advance in optimum energy management, increasing the viability of Monopole™ systems anywhere in the world.

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