Monopole™ System Features

Modular mast components

1 Lamphead

Various models available. Open design platform - all industry standard fittings are compatible.

2 Mast Head & Lamp Arm

Secures to top of uppermast core. Seals top of PV sleeve modules. Various models available - open design platform.

3 Optional glowlines

25mm bands of programmable coloured light that fit in between the sleeve modules as design features or for information.

4 Upper Mast section

Tubular steel core various dimensions 3-9 metres according to mast type Secures to lower mast and supports PV sleeve modules and lamp arm.

5 PV sleeve modules

Panels of PV cells are mounted on aluminium frames. Modules are slid over the upper core mast and interconnected electrically.

6 Lower Mast section

Galvanised steel black finish Height 3m Square section 250x250mm Contains battery and control units on rail mounting system + control antenna.

7 Ventilation

Slots are built into mast base and mast head for air flow - for cooling battery and control in hot climates.

8 Base Plate

400mm square steel plate welded to lower mast base. Drilled at corners for bolting to foundation.

Foundation specification can be recommended by Scotia® according to mast type and required wind loadings

Lightweight masts

A "Plug and Play" Solution

Lightweight masts can be offloaded and carried to site and installed without machinery. They are therefore ideally suited to remote or inaccessible sites, difficult terrain, non vehicular pathways and so on. Monopole™ Cell lightweight masts are completely self sufficient and can be deployed for temporary installations or for "nomadic" site use, as well as being ideally suited to military, emergency or disaster relief contexts.

1 Lamphead

We operate an open platform on lamp arm and lamphead design. Scotia® systems can fit into existing lighting schemes or form part of specific architectural developments.

2 Lamp Arm

Various models available: Standard, Origami and Hi-rise

3 Mast construction

Upper sections have integrated lightweight panels of high performance composite laminated PV cells, less vulnerable to vandalism. Lower section up to 2 metres contains battery and control and is clad in black composite material.

4 Installation System

A hinged coupling is attached to mast and base plate for easy installation without lifting equipment. The coupling is then removed and the mast is secured.

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