Why The Solar Lights Not Working At Night – Causes And Solutions

Why the solar lights not working at night? And how can you fix this? If your solar lights are not working properly at night, you should not worry. There are many reasons for solar lights not working when the night falls, which can vary from the most common to the least.

This article will provide you with some information to answer the question above, how to identify the problems, and the way to fix them.

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Why The Solar Lights Not Working At Night?

There are six of the most common reasons for the solar lights not functioning well at night.

1.    The wiring problem

One of the reasons why solar lights don’t work efficiently in general, and at night in particular, is the deterioration over time of the wiring that connects the solar panel and the lighting system. This one can be due to the harsh weather or the damage brought about by harmful wildlife pests.

Why The Solar Lights Not Working At Night - Broken wires of solar lights

Broken wires of solar lights

It is a common and unavoidable cause but can be remedied with regular maintenance.

2.    The panel problem

Clean panels have little to do with the malfunctioning of solar lights. However, if the panels get dirty with dust, debris, etc., they won’t have the ability to get the full amount of sunlight. It can reduce the amount of power that the panel can generate and store, hence reducing the efficiency of the lights. This cause is very common, and regular maintenance also helps you deal with it.

3.    The light sensor problem

Dust, debris, small particles, and pollen can cover and block the light sensor, hence reducing the sensitivity of the light sensor. Once the light sensor does not function well, it cannot detect whether it is night or day outside, hence not working. The light sensor sensitivity can also be affected by surrounding lights, such as high-pressure lamps.

4.    The charging problem

The charging problem can be caused by your solar lamps not getting enough charging from the sun. In other words, the placement of the lamps prevents them from getting direct sunlight.

The problem can also be due to the long-lasting cloudy or rainy, or dull days when the amount of sunlight is low. Besides, the placement of the lamps can also be the cause. The more exposed to the sun, the more power they can store and the more efficiently they can work when nights fall.

5.    The bulb problem

The bulb problem will happen in case the bulbs are burned out. This can be caused by your solar lamps not getting maintained regularly. Another unwanted cause of this is not choosing the right bulb to replace the burned ones. To fix this, remember to check the manual carefully before choosing the bulbs. When choosing the right ones, give the lamps regular maintenance. Therefore, your lamps can work at their best.

6.    The battery problem

The battery problem is the main cause of the dead battery. This problem is easier to detect and fix; however, it requires some technical knowledge to choose the right type of battery to replace the old ones. For those of you who are new to solar lights, new ones often have pull tabs attached to the batteries.

Why The Solar Lights Not Working At Night - The charging problem

This one helps increase their lifespan. Therefore, you should remove the tabs from the batteries before using the lights.

What To Do If The Solar Lights Not Working At Night

In this article, we will give you some information on how you can fix the problems. First, you should know what the problems are, and then you should be able to deal with them one by one.

1.    Get To Know The Problem First!

If the solar lights are not working at night, six reasons that we have listest can be useful to you. Since solar lights vary in brands and models; however, they share the basic components and the way they work. Therefore, you should read the instructions carefully, or you can search for this information online. It’s free, but you should know it like the back of your palm. Then check from the outside to the inside, check the cable, the panel, the sensor, the location the lamps are placed, the bulb, and the battery. Remember to check them one by one since they are six of the most common malfunction causes.

2.    Deal with them one by one

Once you are done examining the problems, you are ready to fix them. If there are problems with the cables, for example, loose cables, you should plug them tightly.

When there is something wrong with the panel, check if it has dust or debris to wipe clean. Replace the bulb and the battery regularly. Remember to place the lights under direct sunlight and away from the nearby artificial lighting.

Why The Solar Lights Not Working At Night

Some more tips

If our ways to troubleshoot the problems you may encounter are not effective, you’d better try to consult the company hotline for information.

You should never rush since the lights need certain knowledge to know the problems and deal with them. Above all, a regular check is crucial to detect problems with your solar lights. Never bear in mind that the lights are weather-resistant enough to be left uncared.

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In this article, “why the solar lights not working at night?”, we have covered six of the most common malfunctioning causes of solar lights. Moreover, we provide you with some solutions to solve the problems. Remember that solar lights need regular maintenance to help them perform at their best.

We hope that this post is helpful for those who encounter problems and who are new to solar lights. Good luck, and we will see you soon!

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